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Lens implant costs

All prices are inclusive. Nice and transparent. No unpleasant surprises. Your ocular procedure is thus a clear, one-off investment with a lifetime guarantee. You only have to bear the cost of the medications from your pharmacy. The amount lies somewhere between EUR 75 and EUR 150 and is usually covered by your basic health insurance. Note, this might not fall within the mandatory excess charge stated in your health insurance.

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Preliminary examination* Free Free Free
Surcharge for high refractive error 395 - -
Surcharge astigmatism 395 - 450
Surcharge for a nearsighted zone 495 - -
Surcharge Laser guided - - 895
Surcharge Select - - 395

* Always free, even if you decide not to have a treatment **The information gathered in your preliminary examination and subsequent meeting with the eye specialist is decisive for the recommendation. This may differ from the above diagram.

Prices are in euros and subject to change

Unique total price

All prices are inclusive

  • A full preliminary examination
  • Consultation with the doctor who will also ultimately treat you
  • A lifetime guarantee
  • Tailor-made treatment advice
  • Cost-free temporary glasses or contact lenses before the preliminary examination or procedure if required
  • No surcharge for monovision - a procedure at no extra cost to postpone reading glasses
  • Cost-free overnight stay in a hotel after the procedure if you live far away from the clinic
  • Special sunglasses after the procedure
  • Artificial tears
  • Night goggles
  • All check-ups
  • Further treatment for residual strength if necessary
One exception

Pharmacy costs

You only pay for the medications you pick up from your pharmacy. These costs will usually be somewhere between EUR 75 and EUR 150 and are usually covered by your basic health insurance. Note, this might not fall within the mandatory excess charge stated in your health insurance.

Quick and easy

Payment plan

If you are interested in having a lens implantation, but money is an issue, a payment plan could be the solution for you. This allows you to pay for your treatment over a number of months instead of paying the full amount in one lump sum. Please note that charges apply.

Medical referral

Will my basic health insurance cover the cost of lens implantation?

It’s possible that your insurance could cover some of the costs if you have a medical referral. During the consultation, your eye specialist will establish whether or not you have a medical referral that will enable you to claim all or some of the costs of your care under your basic health insurance. This could be because you have a cataract or high refractive errors and cannot wear contact lenses. Your health insurer will decide on the exact amount covered. It is also possible that you will be entitled to some level of cover under supplementary insurance.


Lifelong guarantee - results not satisfactory, repeat treatment

If your treatment outcome falls short of the clarity of vision previously assessed and determined, you will be able to have a possibility of a repeat treatment free of charge. However, this must be medically responsible and your residual strength must be affecting your daily life.