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We are FYEO

Everything for your eyes

What does FYEO stand for? It's an acronym, an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of our full company name: For Your Eyes Only. It’s up to you what you call us. We like to keep things simple and use FYEO. Whichever name you decide to use, both stand for the same thing: everything you might need for your eyes.

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Our 'soul'

Brands don't just happen and FYEO is no exception. We’re very aware that the present is always rooted in the past. We have a long legacy that can be traced back to a unique foundation: a one-man optician's shop. This is where we developed our core values: honesty, comfort and the very best results. As we said before, our aim is to provide you with everything you might need for your eyes.


Everyone is unique, including you. You have your own story, lifestyle and vision. These elements combine to help us identify your specific eye condition. We'd like to hear your story. Clear vision involves customisation and a unique collaboration between the two of us.

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Your route to better vision

Our solutions exceed the results offered by glasses, contact lenses, magnifying glasses and other aids. We map out routes for you and with you, so that you'll be able to see the things you like to do more clearly again. Whether you enjoy reading, work long hours, do underwater photography or cycle long distances. You are our story. Our approach is the only way for us to ensure that we always perform at our best.