Preliminary examination


Over 50 years old - reading difficulty
Between 40 and 50 and difficulty reading

Readon treatment or ReplaceLenses

It is irreversible. Your eyesight is deteriorating. Everything might still be clear at a distance, but anything close up is getting more and more blurry. It’s up to you whether or not to do something about your reading difficulties. We can offer you 2 options: the Readon treatment or ReplaceLenses.

What affects your eyesight?

Our eyesight changes over the years

No-one can escape the effects of ageing. The same applies for your eyes. However, other factors determine how clearly you see the world around you as well.

  • Deviation in strength - genetic, often the result of excessive nearsightedvision use in childhood or astigmatism
  • Eye conditions
Want to know what the condition of your eyes is?

A preliminary examination is FREE of charge and tailor-made.

Book a preliminary examination
An extensive, free preliminary examination

Want to know what condition your eyes are in?

Every treatment starts with a free, no-obligation preliminary examination. Identify exactly what’s happening with your eyes. Are your eyes healthy or do you have an eye condition? What’s the length of your eye? How big is your pupil? What’s the actual deviation in strength?

The health of your eyes forms part of the preliminary examination, but your personal story is important too. How do you use your eyes? What are your expectations? The eye specialist will give you a tailor-made treatment advice.

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The smart 1-eye treatment

Readon treatment

The name of this treatment has been taken from the words “read on”. Which is exactly what the Readon treatment allows you to do. It enables you to stop using reading glasses for a number of years. Just 1 eye is corrected, but only if your farsighted vision in both eyes is satisfactory. After the Readon treatment, you'll have clear near- and farsighted vision in both eyes.

New eye situation
Your brains will need to work hard to adjust to your new eye situation. Expect an adjustment period of 6 to 9 months.

Temporary solution

Will I never have to wear glasses again?

The Readon treatment will only solve your reading difficulties for a number of years. You will notice that they return at some point. That's no surprise, because the natural ageing process in your other eye won’t stop.

Readon reading-glasses correction

3 treatment options

The Readon treatment is unique because 3 options are possible. Depending on the structure and health of your eyes and the correction you need, 1 eye will be treated. Based on the results of the preliminary examination and the treatment recommended by your eye specialist, you will be able to choose between laser eye surgery or an ExtraLens or ReplaceLens treatment.

Eye laser surgery

The laser changes the shape of your cornea so that images are projected onto the retina clearly again. Using high-tech equipment. Laser eye surgery can only correct 1 strength. Readon laser eye surgery corrects the nearsighted vision in just 1 eye because you don't have any problems with your farsighted vision. This option means that you won’t need reading glasses for several years.

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1 ReplaceLens

A high-quality, multifocal plastic lens replaces the natural lens in 1 eye. The ReplaceLens corrects your near and distance vision for the rest of your life. You won’t ever develop cataracts in the treated eye either. Possible from the age of 45.

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1 ExtraLens

This involves the implantation of a clear artificial lens between your natural eye lens and the iris in 1 eye. It’s a type of contact lens that’s implanted in your eye, not on it. The ExtraLens corrects your reading strength. Used in combination with your other eye (which has good distance vision), you will be able to see clearly again. The years ahead without reading glasses.

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Is Readon right for me?

The Readon treatment is designed to help clients who are starting to find it difficult to read. To be eligible for this treatment, you must:

  • be between 40 and 55
  • have good farsighted vision in the eye that isn’t being treated
  • have a deviation in distance strength that doesn’t exceed +0.75 or -0.75

However, the preliminary examination alone will really be able to determine whether the Readon treatment is right for you. The eye specialist will recommend a ReplaceLens treatment for both eyes in some cases.

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Total visual freedom


Enjoy lifelong razor-sharp vision with ReplaceLenses. A one-off treatment in which a ReplaceLens replaces your natural eye lens. Your eye strength will never change again after this treatment. It’s ideal for clients over 45 who want to stop wearing glasses or contact lenses. This total solution permanently corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, age-related farsightedness, astigmatism and cataracts. It couldn’t be any better.

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