Preliminary examination


The Convenience of Unaided Vision

FYEO: laser eye surgery and lens replacement

Discover the convenience of a life without glasses. Just imagine, the convenience of texting, driving, reading, exercising and doing odd jobs without glasses. Or contact lenses, if that's what you're wearing. Experience the difference. Discover the convenience of a life without glasses.

The Joy of Freedom

We offer visual freedom. Our goal? To bring the dot on the horizon within view. If you do what you like to do, things are looking up for you. Eyeing your good fortune, that's what we call it. That is why we look beyond glasses and lenses. We listen to your personal narrative. Enabling clear vision is a collaboration between FYEO and your unique requirements.

Dr. Kerkhoff treatment

The right solution for your eyes

Say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses. We have the right treatment for you, whatever your eye condition. Whether you opt for a treatment involving the very latest laser eye surgery techniques, ReplaceLenses or other lens implantations, you’ll be free to enjoy life without glasses.