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If laser eye surgery can’t be performed or is not your first choice, an ExtraLens implantation is a smart alternative. The eye specialist places a plastic lens in front of the lens of your eye. The ExtraLens is a kind of contact lens in your eye, not on your eye. It’s not visible and will last a lifetime. Particularly appropriate for correcting distance vision. Also possible for extreme deviations in strength, dry eyes or a thin cornea.

Alternative to laser eye surgery
A solution for everyone
Almost always possible
Possible with high strength deviations
Very fast recovery
The best solution for you

ExtraLens: a contact lens inside your eye

An advanced artificial lens, specially tailored to your eyes, is placed in the posterior chamber of the eye. This is behind the iris and in front of the natural lens. Once implanted, the ExtraLens can remain in place for a lifetime.
The lens can also be removed without any problems if necessary.

ExtraLenses are made of elastic material. Therefore, they can be easily folded and inserted into the eye during the procedure. This also means that only a minuscule opening in the cornea is necessary, allowing for quick recovery.

ExtraLenses - Step by step

1: Anesthesia with eye drops.
2: The ophthalmologist makes a minuscule opening in the cornea.
3: The ExtraLens is placed in the posterior chamber and positioned correctly.
4: The opening in the cornea heals naturally.

What suits me?

Wat is je leeftijd?(Required)

What can you expect from FYEO?

Comfortable, painless procedure

Your eyes are numbed with drops

Check-ups and aftercare

Included in the treatment

What can you expect afterwards?

Very rapid clear vision

Your vision is nearly at its maximum 1 to 6 days after the treatment

Sports and work

Normal activities can be resumed the day after the treatment if possible, no ball sports and physical contact for 4 weeks

Good to know

Have you decided to live without glasses or contact lenses? The preliminary examination always forms the basis of every ExtraLens treatment, followed by the treatment itself and, of course, the aftercare.

Free preliminary examination
Behandeling OK
Check up


1. Free preliminary examination

Free preliminary examination

The preliminary examination is always free, without obligation, and consists of two parts. During the first part, your eyes are thoroughly measured. This includes checking your refractive error, the structure of your eyes, the overall health of your eyes, and whether you are suitable for treatment. The second part is a consultation with the ophthalmologist who will ultimately perform your treatment.

2. Tailored treatment advice

Tailored treatment advice

Together with the ophthalmologist, you will discuss which treatment will yield the best result for you. In addition to all the measurements that have been taken, your personal situation is also considered. This includes your hobbies, profession, and other factors that are important for your vision. We offer all treatments in-house, enabling us to provide you with the best advice.

3. Treatment


The treatment takes place in one of our clinics by the ophthalmologist you spoke with during the consultation. This way, you will see a familiar face right away, which is comforting. You will receive detailed information beforehand to prepare you optimally.

4. Aftercare & check-ups

Aftercare & check-ups

Quality is our priority. Therefore, aftercare is an essential part of your treatment process. Check-ups are indispensable in this regard, as they allow us to monitor your recovery.

Request a preliminary examination

Your preliminary examination is always free and without obligation and includes eye tests and a consultation with the eye specialist.

  • Personalized treatment advice tailored to you
  • The ophthalmologist from the consultation is the treating ophthalmologist
  • All-inclusive price