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Every treatment begins with a preliminary examination. From this, personalized treatment advice is provided, as each eye is unique.
Have you not yet had a preliminary examination, but are curious about which treatment methods are suitable for you? Then easily schedule your preliminary examination.

Already had a preliminary examination and received advice for a ReLEx SMILE treatment? On this page, you can read more about what this treatment entails.

All types of treatments available in-house
The best solution for you
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A sense of trust
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What is ReLEx SMILE

This is the most eye-friendly eye laser technique. Your eyes are minimally strained, making it a comfortable treatment with fast vision recovery and no pain.

ReLEx SMILE: extremely comfortable

The ReLEx SMILE treatment is extremely comfortable because there is minimal strain on your eye.

In just half a minute, the laser loosens the lenticle. This is a disc-like piece of tissue, which, when removed, provides the correct correction to bring your vision back into focus.
Through a tiny opening, the ophthalmologist removes the unnecessary tissue.

ReLEx SMILE - Step by step

1: We anesthetize the eyes with eye drops.
2: Laser creates the lenticle and tiny opening in the cornea.
3: Ophthalmologist removes the lenticle through the opening.
4: Your vision will be sharp after a few days.

What suits me?

Wat is je leeftijd?(Required)


Fast sharp vision

Very fast recovery

Painless recovery

Virtually no pain after treatment

Suitable for whom?

Suitable for contact sports and extreme jobs

The cornea remains firm and strong

Suitable for dry eyes

Good to know

Have you decided to live without glasses or contact lenses? The preliminary examination is always the basis of any eye laser treatment. Followed by the treatment and, of course, the aftercare.

Free preliminary examination
Behandeling OK
Check up


1. Free preliminary examination

Free preliminary examination

The preliminary examination is always free, without obligation, and consists of two parts. During the first part, your eyes are thoroughly measured. This includes checking your refractive error, the structure of your eyes, the overall health of your eyes, and whether you are suitable for treatment. The second part is a consultation with the ophthalmologist who will ultimately perform your treatment.

2. Tailored treatment advice

Tailored treatment advice

Together with the ophthalmologist, you will discuss which treatment will yield the best result for you. In addition to all the measurements that have been taken, your personal situation is also considered. This includes your hobbies, profession, and other factors that are important for your vision. We offer all treatments in-house, enabling us to provide you with the best advice.

3. Treatment


The treatment takes place in one of our clinics by the ophthalmologist you spoke with during the consultation. This way, you will see a familiar face right away, which is comforting. You will receive detailed information beforehand to prepare you optimally.

4. Aftercare & check-ups

Aftercare & check-ups

Quality is our priority. Therefore, aftercare is an essential part of your treatment process. Check-ups are indispensable in this regard, as they allow us to monitor your recovery.

Request a preliminary examination

Your preliminary examination is always free and without obligation and includes eye tests and a consultation with the eye specialist.

  • Personalized treatment advice tailored to you
  • The ophthalmologist from the consultation is the treating ophthalmologist
  • All-inclusive price