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See clearly with artificial lenses

Lens implantation

Lens implantation is a lesser well-known but effective treatment that enables clients to see without aids. It’s the perfect solution when your eyes are not suitable for laser eye surgery, but you want to stop using glasses or contact lenses or stop having difficulty reading.
An advanced artificial lens in your eye corrects your visual defects: whether near vision, distance vision or poor vision. An implanted lens can even remove cataracts. The results are highly predictable. Wonderfully clear vision.

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What is lens implantation?

Lens implantation literally involves the implantation of an artificial lens in your eye. Two types of treatment are possible. Implantation in front of your natural eye lens or the replacement of your own eye lens. To give you visual freedom for the rest of your life.

Clear vision

Back in the Second World War, a famous eye specialist developed the first artificial lenses. His discovery led to the development of refractive lens implantation. Besides laser eye surgery, in which the shape of the cornea is changed, implanted lenses are an alternative way of restoring clear vision.

Treatment methods


The ReplaceLens replaces your natural eye lens with a specially tailored implant lens.

  • No more glasses or contact lenses
  • No more cataracts
  • One-time investment
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The ReplaceLens replaces your natural eye lens with a specially tailored implant lens. With this, we can permanently solve minus strengths, plus strengths and a cylinder. Also, you can no longer get cataracts.

Readon ReplaceLens
Readon ReplaceLenzen

Readon ReplaceLens treatment is suitable when you have good distance vision but have beginning reading difficulties.

  • No more reading glasses
  • Long-term solution
  • 1 eye treated
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Readon ReplaceLens
Readon ReplaceLenzen

The Readon ReplaceLens treatment, being able to continue reading at short distances, is appropriate when you have good distance vision but have beginning reading difficulties. For example, you wear reading glasses and need more light while reading.

A ReplaceLens is placed in one eye to restore good near vision. With both eyes together after the Readon ReplaceLens treatment, you can see sharply both near and far.


Under 45 and not suitable for laser eye surgery?

  • Perfect alternative to laser eye surgery
  • Possible with high strength deviations
  • Very fast recovery
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Laser eye surgery is not always possible. For example, if you have a high minus or plus strength, a thin cornea, a high cylinder, dry eyes or another extreme eye condition.
Then ExtraLenses can be a very good alternative.
Unlike laser eye surgery, ExtraLenses do not change the anatomy of your eyes. In this lens implantation, the ophthalmologist places an artificial lens in front of your natural eye lens. A kind of contact lens in your eye, instead of on your eye.

Good to know

Want to experience the freedom of seeing everything clearly without aids? The preliminary examination always forms the basis of every laser eye treatment, followed by the treatment itself and, of course, the aftercare.

Behandeling lensimplantatie
Medicatie uitleggen

What to expect

1. Free preliminary examination

Free preliminary examination

The preliminary examination is always free, without obligation, and consists of two parts. During the first part, your eyes are thoroughly measured. This includes checking your refractive error, the structure of your eyes, the overall health of your eyes, and whether you are suitable for treatment. The second part is a consultation with the ophthalmologist who will ultimately perform your treatment.

2. Tailored treatment advice

Tailored treatment advice

Together with the ophthalmologist, you will discuss which treatment will yield the best result for you. In addition to all the measurements that have been taken, your personal situation is also considered. This includes your hobbies, profession, and other factors that are important for your vision. We offer all treatments in-house, enabling us to provide you with the best advice.

3. Treatment


The treatment takes place in one of our clinics by the ophthalmologist you spoke with during the consultation. This way, you will see a familiar face right away, which is comforting. You will receive detailed information beforehand to prepare you optimally.

4. Aftercare & check-ups

Aftercare & check-ups

Quality is our priority. Therefore, aftercare is an essential part of your treatment process. Check-ups are indispensable in this regard, as they allow us to monitor your recovery.

What suits me?

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Personal advice near you

FYEO has 10 clinics where you are welcome for all preliminary examinations and aftercare. Find out which clinic is closest to you. This way, your laser eye surgery is even closer!

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Request a preliminary examination

Your preliminary examination is always free and without obligation and includes eye tests and a consultation with the eye specialist.

  • Personalized treatment advice tailored to you
  • The ophthalmologist from the consultation is the treating ophthalmologist
  • All-inclusive price