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Welcome to FYEO

Welcome to the largest eye care clinic in the Netherlands. We have already treated more than 50,000 people and with as many as 250 colleagues, spread over 10 clinics throughout the Netherlands, we are daily engaged in our mission: a life without glasses.

Every person is unique. You too have your own story, daily activities, wishes and expectations. We like to hear your story, because that gives us the opportunity to give customized advice when it comes to your eyes. Depending on your eye condition and lifestyle, one of our ophthalmologists will give you customized treatment advice and together we will make sure that you can see sharply again without glasses or contact lenses.

You can find our clinics in the following locations. There is always a clinic near you so schedule a no-obligation preliminary examination soon.

The name FYEO is an abbreviation for For Your Eyes Only. However, we choose FYEO, which, by the way, is pronounced “FIJO.”

Our history

FYEO has a very nice history going back to 1984. In that year Paul Holtmann opened his very first optical store under the name Holtman Optiek in Reusel (NB). Thanks to his passion for the trade and unparalleled hospitality, several successful opticians soon followed. In 2002 Paul Holtmann decided to be one of the first people in the Netherlands to open a laser eye clinic under the name FYEO Medical.

This was a great success! Paul decided to sell his optical business and focus completely on eye laser treatments and lens implantations. The customer base and with it the team of FYEO experienced unprecedented growth and this success was not limited to the south of the Netherlands. In order to realize further growth and make a life without glasses available to everyone in the Netherlands, Paul Holtman decided to sell FYEO to Commited Capital.

Thanks to the trust of our clients, rock-solid word-of-mouth advertising and with the help of Commited Captital, FYEO grows into one of the market leaders in the Netherlands. We are opening clinics in several cities and national coverage is within reach. What once started as a small optical store in Brabant has grown into the best clinic in the Netherlands in the field of refractive surgery thanks to a vision and a driven team of specialists.

Our Culture

The entrepreneurial, welcoming and progressive nature woven into our history is also still part of our contemporary culture. The client is our focus and the original pillars of FYEO are still pursued daily. Namely Comfort, Honesty and the Best Result. These core values are expressly woven into our processes and services. Everything for your eyes.

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Request a preliminary examination

Your preliminary examination is always free and without obligation and includes eye tests and a consultation with the eye specialist.

  • Personalized treatment advice tailored to you
  • The ophthalmologist from the consultation is the treating ophthalmologist
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