Preliminary examination


Under 40 and no difficulty reading

Eye laser surgery or ExtraLenses

Of course you want to be able to see well. Preferably without glasses or contact lenses. To see clearly, light must fall squarely on your retina. This does not happen in your case, probably because you are near- or farsighted. That’s why FYEO is pleased to offer you 2 solutions: Laser eye surgery or ExtraLenses.

What affects your eyesight?

Our eyesight changes with the years

Everyone is affected by ageing. This includes your eyes. However, how clearly you see the world around you and which procedure is appropriate for you is also determined by other factors. Decisive factors for clear vision:

  • Deviation in strength - genetic, often looking at things very closely at an early age and astigmatism
  • Eye conditions
Would you like to know what’s happening with your eyes?

A preliminary examination is FREE of charge and tailor-made.

Book a preliminary examination
An extensive, preliminary examination, free of charge

Want to know what condition your eyes are in?

All ocular procedures start with a free and no-obligation preliminary examination. This is the first, essential step to exactly identify the condition of your eye. What are your precise defects? The size of your pupil, the thickness of your cornea, the health of your eyes and possibly astigmatism all determine which procedure is appropriate for you.

A medical examination forms a major part of the preliminary examination. Your personal story is also important. How do you use your eyes in everyday life? What are your sight expectations? The eye specialist will give you a tailor-made treatment advice.

Refractive surgeon eye laser surgery
Safe and reputable

Eye laser surgery

The most acclaimed eye treatment

In a laser eye surgery procedure, the curvature of the eye is corrected using a high-tech laser. This is done in the cornea, the outer layer of the eye. As a result of the correction, light falls on the retina at the back of your eye, enabling you to see clearly again.

Unique: FYEO has every solution in-house
We are able to offer the full range of eye treatments, which is a big advantage. We have the right treatment for you, whatever your eye condition.

Everything you need to know about laser eye surgery

4 types of laser eye surgery

In-depth Treatment


The most advanced eye-friendly eye laser technique ever. With the ReLEx SMILE procedure it's a small step towards visual freedom.

In-depth Treatment


The comfortable IntraLasik technique is known as the flap procedure. An innovative technique which keeps the epithelium intact. The outer layer of the cornea is not removed but folded back. This is less painful for your eyes and contributes to your recovery process.

Surface treatment


In the TransPRK procedure, your eyes are not touched at all. This explains the name: no-touch method. The procedure is fully automated. Based on a 3D model of your eye. The results are therefore stable and can be predicted with very high accuracy.

Surface treatment


Cutting-edge 1st generation laser eye surgery procedure. Surpassed by new technologies but still worthwhile if you have notable defects, engage in physical sports, do risky contact work or if you want to have laser eye surgery done on your eyes on a limited budget.

Contact lenses in your eye


If laser eye surgery can't be performed or is not your first choice, an ExtraLens implantation is a smart alternative. The eye specialist places a plastic lens in front of the lens of your eye. The ExtraLens is a kind of contact lens in your eye, not on your eye. It's not visible and will last a lifetime. Particularly appropriate for correcting distance vision. Also possible for extreme deviations in strength, dry eyes or a thin cornea.

Everything about ExtraLenses